Learn from the Dispo EXPERT how to sell your wholesale deals faster & for larger assignment fees!

Wholesale Contracts Package 
w/ Video Tutorial 


Have you ever struggled with what contract you should be using for your wholesale business? How would you like the contracts that I have used to do over 1,347 deals AND a 6 part video series on exactly how to use them, what each line means AND how to present them to a seller or buyer to get the highest conversion? This is exactly what I use to train my team at Nationwide Property Liquidators.

Basics of Selling 
4 Part Series 
w/ Downloads


Learn how the pro’s sell their wholesale deals. All of the marketing materials, checklists, templates and guidance that you need to successfully sell your deal. This online course will take you step by step through what you need to do, or you can have someone on your Dispositions Team watch it and immediately start to implement it in your business! 


3-Day Live Event Recording 


DispoEXPOsed was the first of its kind event. Investors from all over the country came to Chattanooga, TN to learn from the industry's leader in sales and marketing for wholesaling, each paying $4,000 plus travel expenses. Now you have the chance to experience the very same event for a fraction of the price. Watch David break down the business from end to start all the while dropping amazing nuggets that are not recorded any other place. BONUS Footage of how to find & contact Hedge Funds and how to sell to them!

Join the Dispo Real Estate Inner-Circle 


This is the masterclass for wholesalers who want to explode their business. For less than half of your next wholesale assignment fee you can see everything that David & his team do to achieve over a million dollars in assignment fees per year and you can learn to do it as well! Market research, Lead Generation, Acquisitions, Buyer Marketing, Dispositions, Transaction Coordination, Working with Title Companies, KPI’s, Company Reports & so much more. ALSO, when you enroll in DispoREI, you get access to all of the other courses that David offers! Don’t miss this opportunity, it will not be available for long.

One-On-One Mentorship 

(1 Year Success Commitment)


per month

This program is for those that want personalized attention to them and their business! You will get a one of a kind business success plan and be held accountable with two one-on-one 60 minute zoom meetings every month. This is the “ANYTHING YOU NEED PROGRAM”! As a bonus you will also be invited to come to David’s office and spend 2 days to go over your business plan, setting goals, overcoming obstacles and one on one masterminding. This is the ultimate option for high level achievers who want to excel. 

One Time Consultation
1 Hour 
Recorded On Zoom 


Do you have something that you are stuck on and need guidance but don’t want to commit to a long term program? This is the perfect solution for you. One time consultation and coaching session where you will get one-on-one time with David to help you with a specific issue or problem that you have. You will get a copy of this session when it is complete so you don’t have to worry about taking notes.


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