Learn from the Dispo EXPERT how to sell your wholesale deals faster & for larger assignment fees!
Not only will you learn how to acquire properties for as little as the closing costs (basically zero) but David will teach you how to monetize the property based on your investment goals. Sure rentals are the best long term investment but what if you don’t have time to be a landlord? Did you know that there are almost a dozen ways that you can make money from deals you acquire like this?

You'll Leave With: 

  • A complete understanding of how to make multiple offers to sellers that will have them practically begging you to take their property
  • All of the contracts and forms needed to make this strategy work
  • The secret OFFER LETTER that makes a seller pick the option you want them to choose!
  • ​How to negotiate the terms of any deal 
  • ​Writing up the offer and getting it closed
  • ​What do do with all of the properties you are going to buy and how to live on that cash flow
  • ​How many properties do you need to buy?
  • ​Exit strategies for each type of deal
  • ​Learn how to never deal with Tenants, Trash or Toilets
  • ​Step by step instructions on how to apply this strategy to ANY Real Estate niche
  • ​Let David teach you how to “bolt” this onto your existing wholesale business.
David Olds
Meet REI Expert David Olds...
David Olds is a millionaire real estate investor from Chattanooga, TN but it wasn’t always like that. In 2009 after the financial crash, he and his wife and brother moved from the Orlando, Florida area to Chattanooga with nothing but a uHaul and $5,000 between them. A new city, new people, no friends and no business contacts. They knew that they had to do something fast because there is nothing scarier than knowing you have to provide for 2 boys and your 3 dogs plus pay the mortgage and your own monthly bills.

Wholesaling became that vehicle that allowed them to generate some fast cash by assigning contracts. But, how do you create the long term wealth that so many people dream about?  He'll show you exactly how in this exclusive Live Event Training Opportunity. 

FOUNDER | NationwidePropertyLiquidators.com
FOUNDER | EzREIclosings.com
  • 20 Years Of Real Estate Investing Expertise
  • ​Wholesaled over 1,000 properties & flipped dozens more 
  • ​Portfolio of almost 100 properties personally
  • ​Expert on how to Dispo (sell) deals faster than anyone else
  • ​Master of Maximizing Profit Per Deal


"I had a ball learning all of David's different techniques. Anyone starting out new and wants to start cashing checks, this is life changing"

"Now I feel empowered to make it happen. There is something here for anybody to take away"

"David Olds is great, he's honest and down to earth. He's great working with. He's basically given me the foundation to my entire system"

"I learned how to scale and it was definitely worth the investment and I recommend it to anyone interested in wholesaling"

"Great experience with David, learned a ton of information. He is super meticulous, great all around experience for me."

Interested In Working With David? 
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